Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Travel Without Fear for Fare in 2018 With EasemyTrip

Very wisely someone has said “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Travelling is something which helps us come out of our hustle bustle life, take a break, relax and get rejuvenated. It gives our mind and body a quick refreshment while allows us to resume our daily life again without any worries.

New Year has started and we all are in vacation mode. And to make our holiday more exciting and easy, EaseMyTrip has come up with 2018's biggest flight discounts and much more. 

So without any adieu, let’s talk about the offers and start panning for our trips as soon as possible.

Welcome Offer:

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Also we stand a chance to win exciting prizes like Activa from Droom, vouchers up to Rs.50,000 from brands like Jabong , etc.

How to Avail the Offer:

To make use of this exciting sale, start planning for your holiday now.

These discounts are valid on bookings done between 9th – 11th Jan, 2018 for all new as well as existing users. We need to use the coupon codeWELCOME2018” and the bookings can be made using EaseMytrip website, mobile site, and android & iOS app.  

Another good news is for HDFC users, who can use their credit/debit card while booking and get additional cashbacks.

Don’t forget to go through this link to check other details and applied terms and conditions.

So what are you waiting for guys. Check out the biggest Flight discounts
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Review on Spinz perfumed Deo

Hii Guys,
Hope you all doing good.

I am back today with another product review and this time it’s all about Spinz perfumed deo.

Sometimes back I received these deodorants in variant Trailblazer, Explorer and Thrillseeker which are all newly launched. I have tried all these 3 variants and really liked them.

Keep reading to know all details about it.

Product Description:

Explorer: This deodorant has a floral fragrance which gives the feeling of a fresh dew. It has a very feminine fragrance which is perfect for everyday use.

Trail Blazer: This deodorant has a citrus twist which contains the smell of vibrant orange and guava mixed perfectly with jasmine, lotus and dewberry which finishes of with base notes of cedar wood and musk. It has a very rejuvenating fragrance all together.

Thrill Seeker: This deo has a very aromatic fragrance which includes unique symphony of fresh fougere citrus cocktail and a delicacy of marine giving a sense of cool icy mist which ends with the thrill of woody musk.

Directions of usage:

Shake the bottle and then hold it from a little distance and spray using the nozzle attached at the top of the bottle.

Refrain from spraying it in your eyes and other sensitive areas.


This deodorants comes in general packaging just like any other deo. It is stored in a round tin bottle along with a nozzle on top which is secured with a tight cap.

All the required details are printed on the bottle.

It has a travel friendly packaging.

Price & Quantity:

These deodorants retail for Rs.190 for net weight 150ml.

Pros of Spinz Perfumed Deo:

      1)      All 3 variants has mild fragrance.
      2)      Fragrance stays on for good 24 hours.
      3)      They are sourced from trusted perfume houses.
      4)      Travel friendly packaging.
      5)      For all skin types.
      6)      Quite affordable.
      7)      Helps control body odor even in hottest days.

Cons of Spinz Perfumed Deo:

      1)      Not easily available.
      2)      Contains alcohol.

My Experience of Spinz Perfumed Deo:

I am a deodorant lover. More than perfumes, I prefer to use deo, as they stays on for long and keeps us feeling refreshed.

Therefore, I was really excited to use them since the day I received them. I have been using these since last 1 month now. I use them alternatively every day when I get ready for office.  

My experience with these have been great. Most commendable thing is its longevity. It keeps lingering for good 20-24 hours as claimed by brand. They have quite unique fragrance which is perfect for everyday use.

I totally loved explorer variant as it has floral fragrance and I am a fan of such deos. It’s been a month, and these deos have not given me any rashes or irritation yet so I can say that they are skin friendly.

I really liked them and would definitely recommend it to others too.


4 out of 5.

Do comment and let me know if you guys have used these deodorants.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Review on Chik Hairfall Prevent Shampoo

Hi Guys,
Today I have come up with another product review and this time it’s all about a shampoo.

I am talking about Chik Protein Solutions Hair fall Prevent Shampoo which contains the goodness of Egg white. Chik is a very well-known brand which comes from the house of Cavinkare.

This particular shampoo was launched 2 years back. Recently I received this shampoo a
nd thought of giving it a try.

Since it is an everyday product, I thought of using it properly for good span of time and only then give my review as it has to be genuine.

So let’s directly move on to my review now.

Product Description:

Just as name suggests, this is a hair fall prevent shampoo which contains egg white. We all know, egg white has high amount of proteins which is very good for hairs.

It helps in strengthening the hairs by repairing the damaged hair and preventing hair fall and thus it makes hair thicker and healthier.

Directions Of Usage:

Take a small amount of shampoo and apply it generously over wet hairs. Massage gently over hairs and scalp and rinse well.

Repeat if required and follow with conditioner.

Price & Quantity:

It retails for Rs.105 for 180ml quantity.

Shelf Life:

2 years from the date of packaging.



This shampoo has a runny consistency. It come in white color and lathers easily.

Earlier I thought, it will have weird fragrance as it contains egg but I was wrong. It has very mild floral fragrance which is not at all bothering. It vanishes after sometime.


Best thing about this shampoo is its packaging which is really very attractive.

This shampoo comes in a white egg shaped plastic bottle with a flip cap in the top. All the required details are printed at the back.

Pros of Chik Egg white shampoo:
      1)      Contains the goodness of egg white which is rich in proteins.
      2)      Reduces hairfall from 2nd wash itself.
      3)      Helps in strengthening and repairing the damaged hairs.
      4)      Makes hair healthy and thicker.
      5)      Has mild fragrance.
      6)      Affordable and easily available.
      7)      Travel friendly packaging.

Cons of Chik Egg white shampoo:
      1)      Contains chemicals.

My Experience of Chik Egg white shampoo:

I have earlier tried using some other products from Cavinkare and I am really impressed with them. So when I received this product, I was very excited to try it out.

I have been using this shampoo since last 3 weeks now. I used to apply it twice in a week. Let me tell you, I have oily hairs and it tends to get dirty in every 2-3 days. Also I have a problem of hair fall.

After using this shampoo for the 1st time, I didn’t noticed any change but there was a visible change after 2nd wash. My hair fall reduced little and my hairs looked smooth.  I was really happy after 3rd wash. My hair fall reduced even more and my hairs looked healthier.

Since then I am using this shampoo continuously and I am really impressed with the result. Today after 3 weeks, my hair fall has reduced to a great extent and my hairs don’t get oily in 3 days. It keeps my hair silky smooth for good 3-4 days.

I am really impressed with this product.


I would rate it as 4 out of 5.

I am already on average of finishing my 1st bottle. Looking forward to buy new one soon.
If you are also facing hair fall problem, then do give it a try it’s worth it.


Friday, 2 June 2017

Review on Snack Experts

Hi Guys,

This is the first time I’m doing a review on subscription box and that too, it’s not based on beauty products.

Today, I have come up with the review of which helps you keep munching without compromising on your health.

I found this idea quite very unique, so I thought of trying it out. When I contacted them, they were kind enough to send me a box for trying. So here is my review of the same.

Their Mission:

At snack experts, we promote snacks that are safer, healthier, and better for people & our planet. From increased rates of cancer and diabetes to climate change, it has become clear that the eatables we put in us, on us and around us – and the way those products are sourced, manufactured and delivered – is causing us all real harm , instead of nourishing.

Our main focus is to introduce our array of snacks to shoppers who want the best of themselves, their families, their communities & our planet to create a better and happier world.

Plans Offered by SnackExperts:

     1)      Trial Box: This box retails for Rs.150/- and provides 3 pouches of snacks. Each packet weights 50gm. Every customer can book a single Trial box.

     2)      Standard Box: This box retails for Rs.699/- and provides 5 pouches of snacks. Each packet weights 150gm. Customer has the option to select the snacks from their wide range of options. Also COD option is allowed.

     3)      Smart Snacker: This box retails for Rs. 1799/- and provides service for 3 months. Each month, they provide 5 pouches of snacks weighing 150 gm each. Snacks can be selected by customer as per their wish. And COD option is available too. Also the customer will received free goodies worth Rs.300.

Contents Of Box I Received:

I received Standard Box which consisted of 5 snack pouches weighing   150gm each.

Snacks that I received in my box are:
     1)      Honey Roasted cashews
     2)      Chocolate Flapjack
     3)      Triberry medley
     4)      Red rice Crispies
     5)      Oats and Nuts ball

      Each of the snacks re packed in a transparent pouches. All the required details like nutritional value, ingredients, shelf life etc are printed on the back. 

      All of these pouches are sealed and packed in a white colored cardboard box which is reusable and are recyclable. 

Pros of SnackExperts:

     1)      Provides healthy Snacks.
     2)      Free home delivery all over India.
     3)      Contains no chemicals or artificial sugar.
     4)      No hydrogenated oils.
     5)      Quality control is done.
     6)      Nutritional information is provided for all the snacks.
     7)      Packaging is very hygienic.
     8)   Ingredients are mentioned in the pack. 

My Experience of SnackExperts:

We find many beauty subscriptions in India, but this one is quite unique. I found this quite very interesting and helpful.

Talking about me, I am a working girl and I live alone. Having busy life, I don’t get time to cook frequently. So whenever I am hungry, without checking the nutritional value, I start munching on any snacks, which is a bad habit. Just like me, there are many other people who do the same.

Snack Experts is a rescue for all of us. The snacks that they are providing are made up with good quality ingredients and very healthy. And they have also broke the myth that Healthy is boring. I found all the 5 snacks quite very yummy.

If you check out their range of snacks, they are quite very unique. I was really surprised by seeing them as I never thought making something as such is also possible.

I carry this snacks to my workplace and keep munching them whenever I’m hungry.

I really liked this concept and would definitely recommend it all others.  

Check out their website here - SnackExperts and order for your box now.


5 out of 5.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Review on Olivia Pancake

Hello everyone.
Hope you all are doing well.

If you follow me in my social media, you must be knowing that I received Olivia Pancake some days before. I tried using it for around 1 week and here I am with my detailed review on it.  

The one I have has Touch & Glow shade (029) which compliments my skin tone perfectly.

Now let’s move to my review.

Product Description:

Olivia pancake is especially formulated with ISI approved material to provide protection to your skin from pollution and light rays. As such, it is an ideal makeup for Cine/TV stars.
Olivia pancakes provides a velvety finish and flawless appearances to your skin. Being water proof, it gives you a very natural look and keeps you fresh all day long. It does not run or streak with perspiration. It comes in 12 shades to suit every skin type.

Directions of Usage:

To apply this, use a damp sponge. Take the product and apply it directly in your face and neck evenly. After drying, use a soft cloth to wipe of the makeup area.

Shelf Life:

3 years from the date of packaging.

Price and quantity:

Price is Rs.110/- for net weight 25gm.


Olivia Pancake comes in a black and golden colored circular plastic tub with a black colored translucent lid.

The lid is quite sturdy which makes it travel friendly.

It comes with a white colored sponge which is of good quality. Pancake and sponge is separated by a transparent case to keep it clean.

This tub is again packed in a cardboard rectangular black colored box.
All the required details are printed on the tub as well as box.


It has very smooth texture. It is light weighted and does not make you feel cakey.

It is neither too silky nor too powdery. It has floral fragrance which keeps on lingering for some time.


The key ingredients of Olivia pancakes are:

Pros of Olivia Pancake:

        ·         It gives a nice matte finish.
        ·          It provides natural shine for around 4-5 hours.
        ·         It helps in setting the foundation or moisturizer perfectly.
        ·         It has very smooth texture.
        ·      Has different collection of shades.
        ·         It helps in controlling oil for good 3-4 hrs.
        ·         Blends on easily and results in providing a natural look.
        ·         Affordable and travel friendly.
        ·         Comes with a good quality sponge.

Cons of Olivia Pancake:

        ·         It does not have mirror attached.
        ·          Has loud fragrance which can be irritating for people with sensitive nose.

My Experience of Olivia Pancake:

I totally agree with the description mentioned in the box.

This pancake is like a long lasting powder which provides natural shine for longer time. It helps in minimizing the appearance of pores.

It is a light compact which works perfectly, especially for summers. It gives nice matte finish which controls oil and helps in looking good.

I have been using it on everyday purpose since last 1 week. It has not given me any breakouts yet. For an oily skin, this means a lot and therefore I loved this product.


4 Out of 5.

Would I recommend This Product Again:

Yes, definitely I would recommend this. As I said before its perfect compact for oily skin. So all who have an oily skin should definitely try out this. Just make sure that you choose the shade according to your skin tone.


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Review on spinz perfume - ESCAPE

Hi Guys…

I have come up with another blog review today. And todays review is on Spinz Escape EAU DE PARFUM

Perfumes are part of our daily life which helps us keep a beautiful environment all around us. There are many different varieties of perfumes available in market coming from N no. of brands.  

Spinz is a very old brand famous for beauty products like deodorant, talc etc. One such product is this perfume.

It comes in different variants like Bloom, Escape etc
The one I have is Escape.

If you want to know more about it then keep on reading.

Product Description:

This perfume says:

“Transport yourself to the Mediterranean, the centre of all that’s exotic in the world. Its spicy, lush freshness captivates everyone near you, compelling them to linger. It keeps them mesmerized by teasing the senses with a hint of citrus, and delicate aromatic notes. And there’s an added benefit- deodorant action to keep body odour away! "

Directions Of Use:

Use this just like you use any other perfume. Spray it all over and you are good to go.  
Avoid contact with eyes.

Price & Quantity:

It retails for Rs. 300 for net weight 50ml/ 1.7 fl.oz

Shelf Life:

5 years from the date of packaging.


Denatured Alcohol, Perfume, Aqua (water)


This perfume has a very cute packaging. It comes in a curved green colored glass bottle fitted with a nozzle on top. Nozzle is again secured with a transparent glass cap.

This perfume bottle is packed inside a rectangular cardboard box which is quite sturdy. All the necessary details are printed on this box.

Texture And Fragrance:

Just like any other perfume, it has liquid texture. It has no particular color of its own.

It has a mild fragrance which is very aromatic. Just as description suggests, it has a hint of citrusy fragrance.

It keeps on lingering for good 6-7 hours which is really worth appreciation.

Pros Of Spinz Escape Perfume:

      1)      It has very attractive fragrance.
      2)      Super cute packaging.
      3)      Travel friendly.
      4)      Fragrance stays for good 6-7 hours.
      5)      Affordable and easily available.
      6)      Available in different variants to choose from.

Cons Of Spinz Escape Perfume:

      1)      Contains Chemicals.
      2)      Full list of ingredients not available.

My experience Of Spinz Escape Perfume:

I received this perfume a month ago. And I started using it around 20 days ago. Since then, I have been using it every day after shower while getting ready for office.

It’s my habit, to apply deodorant while leaving my house in morning. But since the time, I have been using this, I have got so attracted to it that I have stopped using all other deo’s and perfumes.

I have always faced a problem with perfumes, that coz they are very strong, I was not able to use them on daily basis for office. But this one is just perfect. It’s neither very strong nor light.

No one likes smelling bad in office, because it creates a bad impression. This perfume has helped me create a good impression in front of my colleagues as many of my friends have already enquired about it.

It keeps me feeling and smelling good all day long, so I am definitely going to continue using this and will try new variants too.


I would rate this as out 4 of 5.

I would definitely recommend this to all my followers.
If you are student or working lady, then you must try this out. It’s totally worth it.


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